1953: Three generations ago, Fourtoulakis’ family established its first road transport service for the transportation of wood and coal throughout Greece and then expanded to food products.

1968: Purchased the sixth semi-truck that arrived in Greece. The truck, along with others acquired later, was serving the largest diary factory of the country, transporting milk from diary producers.

1972: Started cooperating with the cable manufacturer Fulgor SA transporting their products nationwide, while the same period serving as the main road transportation contractor of the largest forwarders of this era.

1974: Establishing a linear service from Greece and Europe to Middle Eastern countries such as Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE etc

1985: Stepped into dry bulk transport market, utilizing its own fleet of silo trailers and trucks, which initially served the biggest Greek flour mills.

1990: Four Trans was incorporated, as a company with specialization in bulk transport of powder products, securing various collaborations with the largest flour mills and pasta factories in Greece as well as other producers of food products.

1996: Following our success in the area of dry bulk food, we proceeded to the purchase of new silo trailers for the transport of chemical and raw materials to manufacturers and factories.

2004: Following the market trends, we have obtained permits for the transport of non-hazardous waste in order to be able to manage the process from the supply of raw materials to the receipt of their waste.

2009: Our company was the first one which started the transportation project of dry sludge thermal drying unit of Psytallia Wastewater Treatment Plant, including initial set up of operational procedures and overall organization and management of the project for both, the manufacturer and consignee/ receiver.

2010: Despite the beginning of the financial crisis in Greece, our company invested in the renewal and modernization of the fleet with purpose to reduce costs and improve its services, with the aim of rewarding the trust shown by our clients through our multiannual partnerships.

2012: Our many years of experience in dry bulk transportation, our credibility and high level of service have led our clients to trust us in organizing and starting the transports of the new Pet Coke plant of Hellenic Petroleum in Elefsina.